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June 01, 2020 3 min read

Is the Tactical Shovel part of your outdoor kit? If not, you’re really letting yourself down. Any modern outdoor enthusiasts has incorporated the Tactical Shovel into their hiking/camping/fishing backpack— and you have no reason to be left behind!

You might not need to any defensive forts to protect yourself from enemies, but you will definitely require a Tactical Shovel for its many uses, from hunting, hygiene and safety.

Want to find out how you can use your Tactical Shovel to it's full functionality?

Read on to find out:


                   Tactical Shovel

Benefits of the Tactical Shovel
Carrying a multifunctional shovel has various advantages. 

To list a few:

It’s Compact and Portable
The Tactical Shovel is made of high strength aluminium alloy, making them lighter yet still as sturdy as a regular shovel. They are also collapsable (foldable) for ease of storage.

The great thing about the Tactical Shovel is that it's ever so lightweight. Because of its compact size, you can also conveniently upsize or downsize it with its adjustable rods.

It’s Multipurpose
If you’re going to put on extra weight for your next outdoor adventure, you need to make sure it’s something useful and multifunctional.

Aside from the usual digging jobs, the Tactical Shovel can be used for shelter-building, food and water! Read on to find out how.

It’s Built To Last
The Tactical Shovel is meant to withstand dirty sturdy work. It’s not uncommon if you start seeing your next-door neighbour have one of these bad boys. The Tactical Shovel was designed to endure the toughest of conditions while the rugged non-slip handle allows for a comfortable and safe grip.

Quality Craftsmanship

High strength aluminium alloy is the most common material used in modern tools, particularly for Tactical Shovels. Aluminium alloy, provided heat treatments, allows the shovel to be sturdy and durable, stronger and more resistant to stress and damage.

This folding shovel is an evolved version of the traditional shovel from history, into the fully collapsible design we know today.

The greatest advantage the Tactical Shovel has over traditional ones is that it's very travel-friendly. It takes little space and can fit into carrying cases by being foldable/collapsible.

Additional Features
From a simple digging implement, the Tactical Shovel has evolved into a sophisticated and multifunctional tool.

The Tactical Shovel comes with a solid 18 tactical functions for the outdoor enthusiast.

To name a few; it can act as:

an axe
hex driver
serrated knife
wire cutter
rescue knife
bottle opener
safety hammer
flintstone lighter

and many more you could think of!

What Should You Look For in a Tactical Shovel?
The criteria for choosing a reliable e-tool pretty is simple. When picking an e-tool, make sure to look for the following qualities:

The tactical Shovel is made of high-quality materials. As mentioned earlier, high-strength aluminium alloy for the shovel is preferred if you want a sturdy shovel that’s rugged like the work you do.

Ergonomics and Functionality
Despite its compact size, the Tactical Shovel is still easy to use. There's a safe and comfortable grip provided for those sweaty hard work moments.

As far as functionality goes, the Tactical Shovel can serve many purposes. It can be adjusted and configured in various angles to be applicable for multiple uses. The serrated edge of the shovel should also sharpen easily.

So now that you're an expert and up to date with the modern outdoor enthusiasts' toolkit, what are you waiting for?

Head over to our home page and purchase a Tactical Shovel today!


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